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Liquidmetal Technologies


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Liquidmetal® Injection Molding


Liquidmetal® Injection Molding process uses a unique U.S. manufactured Zirconium-based alloy

MT Difference

New technology and material that has just become commercially available: Over twice the tensile strength as Titanium, plus superior corrosion resistance


Liquidmetal® Injection Molding (aka amorphous metal casting) is capable of manufacturing ultra-hard, high-strength complex geometries in mid to high volume quantities. This process uses a U.S. manufactured Zirconium-based alloy that has unique and impressive mechanical properties.

Liquidmetal® alloy parts have over twice the tensile strength as titanium, superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel, hardness equivalent of heat-treated tool steels, and an incomparable elastic strain limit of 2%. This is a new technology that has just become commercially available. Unlike other metal forming, casting, or sintering processes, Liquidmetal® alloy parts come out of the mold in a useable state, with surfaces that can have a mirror/polished finish, and require little to no finishing or machining processes.

Liquidmetal® Injection Molding offers:

  • An alloy stronger than stainless steel

  • Superior strength-to-weight ratio over magnesium or aluminum

  • Hard as tool steel alloys

  • Greater elasticity than any other alloy

  • Unique, polished surface finishes as cast.