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Plastics Design & Manufacturing


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Vacuum Forming, Pressure Forming, and Plastic Extrusions   


Custom thermoforming, vacuum forming, and pressure forming in a wide variety of engineering resins; Heated sheet draped over female or male tool; Molded-in inserts, forms and textures

MT Difference

Low tooling cost; UL-listed paint and shielding in-house; Look and feel of injection molding


Plastics Design & Manufacturing has been a leader in the custom thermoforming community for over 40 years. PDM's integrated turnkey capabilities and commitment to customer service provide a wide-range of plastic manufacturing solutions for your custom thermoforming, vacuum forming, pressure forming, and plastic extrusion projects.

PDM specializes in close-tolerance thermoformed and extruded plastic components. You get injection molding appearance and material selection at a fraction of the tooling cost and lead times. Precision form tools and 5-axis post-machining allow excellent design freedom. UL-listed internal paint shop for high cosmetics and shielding. Exceptional part finish is achieved through painted or molded-in color and texture. PDM offers cost-effective processes for a wide range of production quantities.



ISO 9001



Centennial, CO


Design Tools & Links

Pressure Forming Design Guide  [PDF]