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FM Corporation

Structural plastics for cosmetic enclosures and internal parts


ISO 9001 | ITAR


Rogers, AR

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Why FM Corporation?

FM is a leader in the structural foam industry - producing low-pressure, low-stress molded parts up to 150 lbs. and 10 feet with in-house finishing and decoration.


Over the last 40 years, FM has grown to be one of the premier structural foam molders in the country. The structural foam process is a form of injection molding that offers an affordable way to gain high strength and rigidity as a structural molded part. Structural parts have a porous foam core sandwiched between two solid outer layers, which make them ideal for enclosures and structural internal parts.

Structural foam plastics offer:

  • Improved stiffness-to-weight ratio

  • Manufacturing efficiency

  • Longer tool life

  • Sound dampening characteristics

  • Superior appearance

  • Great mechanical strength

FM offers several low-pressure, low-stress structural molding processes in a range of resins, from inexpensive polyethylene to specialty engineering grade resins, including gas assist injection molding, gas counter pressure molding, and external gas molding.

FM’s in-house value-add services include:

  • Continuous paint line system

  • Conductive spray-on EMI and RFI shielding

  • Pad printing, screen printing, and hot stamping

  • Partial and full assembly options

  • Precision inspection and testing

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Materials range from commodity resins such as polyethylene and polypropylene to engineering grades such as glass reinforced polycarbonate and polycarbonate/abs blends. Any injection molding material can be molded as a foam with chemical blowing agents or as a gas assist injection molded part.

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