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Manufacturing Webinars

Marketing Tech’s manufacturing webinars deliver useful content in a concise, educational format. We pack our 30-minute webinars with manufacturing and design tips, technical info, part design case studies, and Q&A sessions led by manufacturing experts.

Medical Equipment Design & Manufacturing Webinar

Taking a medical device from concept to production is a huge achievement. Every application is different and right answers are useless if we're asking the wrong questions. Having launched hundreds of medical products over 42 years, our manufacturing specialists have learned what questions drive results. In this webinar we'll share our checklist of fundamental questions for medical product development.

Topics Covered:

  • Form

  • Function

  • Fabrication

  • Medical Cart Example

Cosmetic RIM Enclosures: Plastic Parts That Catch the Eye Webinar

What if style and function could go hand in hand? Your device shouldn’t have to sacrifice appearance for performance (or vice versa). Our customers get both, and we want to tell you how. Watch this 30-minute webinar on Cosmetic RIM Enclosures to learn how to streamline your device with the modern look that it deserves using Reaction Injection Molding (RIM).

Topics Covered:

  • What is RIM?

  • Plastic Process Comparison

  • Cosmetic Features & Finishes

  • Case Studies

Q&A with RIM Expert from Design Octaves

Your Product’s First Impression: User Interface Strategies Webinar

In a world where devices outnumber people, how will your product stand out? The secret to a great customer experience is your product's user interface. Watch this 30-minute webinar to learn proven interface strategies to create remarkable products and happy customers. Learn proven User Interface strategies to create remarkable products and happy customers in this 30-minute technical overview with our User Interface Expert.

Topics Covered:

  • How to Approach User Interface Development

  • User Interface Technologies

  • Questions to Guide UI Decision Making

  • Real-world Case Studies

  • Key Takeaways for UI Strategies

Q&A with our User Interface Expert from Valmark Interface Solutions

Manufacturing Webinar: It’s Time to Rethink Made in USA Webinar

How do you rework your manufacturing strategy to navigate an uncertain future? In a matter of months, the manufacturing industry was turned upside down. Our customers have never seen these levels of volatility in the global supply chain. In this 30-minute webinar, we’ll tell you why It’s Time to Rethink Made in USA. With real-world case studies and fresh data, you’ll learn how Smart OEMs have figured out that the same old manufacturing routines aren’t good enough in this “new normal.”

Topics Covered:

  • Current manufacturing landscape

  • Shifting priorities for OEMs

  • Offshore supply issues

  • Made in USA: Decision factors

  • Case studies of real products

Cosmetic Castings Webinar

Learn how Cosmetic Castings can be used to reduce part count, eliminate assembly, and achieve "Class A" finish. Casting is ideal for complex, high-appearance Aluminum and Zinc parts at quantities as low as 10 per year.

Topics Covered:

  • How to produce cosmetic metal parts

  • Casting processes: Sand, Plaster, and Investment Casting

  • Part design, tooling, alloys, finishing, and costs

  • Cosmetic Casting case studies

Q&A with our General Foundry Service casting experts

Stage Tooling for Metal Stampings Webinar

Learn how to reduce the cost of sheet metal parts by 50-80% with minimal upfront tooling expense. Stage Tooling is ideal for low to medium volume stampings: 500 - 30,000 annually.

Topics Covered:

  • Stage Tooling: How it works, typical cost, and impact to piece price

  • Case studies: Design > Stage tooling strategy > Final stamped part

  • Design guidelines: part geometry, materials, finishing, and more

  • Process comparisons: prototype fabrication and progressive die stamping

Q&A with our stamping expert from Harvey Vogel Manufacturing

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