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Colorado Emerging Medical Devices

CEMD is a networking group that brings together Colorado's vibrant Emerging Medical Device startup community, established Medical OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers), and valued collaborators. CEMD's mission is to foster connections, provide support, and drive the advancement of device innovation in the region.

As a bi-monthly gathering, CEMD offers a unique platform for like-minded professionals to engage, exchange ideas, and forge partnerships. Whether you're a dynamic startup seeking guidance, an established OEM looking to expand your network, or a collaborator eager to contribute to groundbreaking advancements, CEMD is the ideal hub for you. CEMD's diverse community encompasses engineers, entrepreneurs, manufacturing industry experts, researchers, investors, and thought leaders, creating an environment ripe for collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Join CEMD today and become part of a thriving community that is shaping the future of medical device innovation in Colorado: CEMD LinkedIn Group

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting or speaking at a CEMD event.


March 2024 CEMD Meeting

Marketing Tech was thrilled to organize the March gathering of Colorado Emerging Medical Devices with support from our friends and partners at Prototek! Great talks by Keir Hart and Russ Hempstead from Flying Pig Designs — plus high-impact networking for our MedTech community.


December 2023 CEMD Meeting

Thanks to all who attended CEMD's December Meetup at NICE Recovery Systems in Boulder. A special thanks to Michael Ross, Brian Watson, and the entire NICE team for hosting and sharing about NICE's innovative medical device technology and journey!


September 2023 CEMD Meeting

The future is bright for MedTech in the Rockies. MARKETING TECH is honored to play a small part in fostering innovation and collaboration at Colorado Emerging Medical Devices' events.

September CEMD speakers and host:


June 2023 CEMD Meeting

Many thanks to all who attended the June CEMD meetup! Special thanks to:

Join the follow-up discussions: CEMD LinkedIn Group


April 2023 CEMD Meeting:

Hosted by: Tensentric in Boulder

Featured Speakers: RedDrop Dx and Tensentric

Event Sponsor: Seaway Plastics


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