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Low to mid-volume zinc castings using low-cost machined graphite permanent molds



Attleboro, MA

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Why Castechnologies?

Castechnologies’ exclusive graphite mold process produces zinc aluminum castings with a die cast surface finish, excellent tolerances, and low part cost.


Castechnologies uses the Graphite Permanent Mold (GPM) process, which combines the low cost of easily machined graphite molds with a high-strength, highly engineered, zinc-aluminum alloy, ZA-12, to provide an economical alternative to other manufacturing processes in annual volumes of 500 to 15,000. Zinc castings from graphite tooling offer a unique combination of fast, low cost tooling, low part price, and precision tolerances.

Benefits include:

  • Cast precision (+/-.005) to near-net-shape, which reduces secondary machining and cost

  • Cast surface finish of 125 RMS or better

  • Piece-to-piece repeatability

  • Bearing qualities superior to bronze

  • Tooling lead times of 3-6 weeks, depending on mold shop backlog

  • Homogeneous castings

  • Reduced internal voids

Zinc Aluminum Alloy ZA-12 material properties:

  • Non-magnetic (suitable for electronic shielding)

  • Easily machined

  • Non-Incendiary

  • Spark-proof

Castechnologies offers complete machining and finishing services including: chromate, polymeric coatings and paint (polyurethane, powder, e-coat, etc.).

Natural Cosmetics Oil

ZA-12 Zinc Aluminum Alloy

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