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A&B Die Casting

Low to mid-volume aluminum and zinc alloy die castings



ISO 9001


Hercules, CA

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Why A&B Die Casting?

By combining high speed machining with cost effective tooling techniques, A&B Die Casting makes die casting affordable at volumes that other die casters would not consider


Over 70 years in the die casting business, A&B Die Casting are experts at manufacturing complex aluminum and zinc die casting parts at volumes others would not even quote. A&B’s engineering staff works with your part design to smartly combine high speed machining of part features with cost effective tooling that shares common die components. The result is affordable aluminum and zinc die castings.

Aluminum die casting gives mechanical designers significant advantages for creating lightweight parts that withstand high temperatures. Aluminum die casting is a light and durable alternative to other metals while retaining maximum stability in thin walls. It’s an exceptional thermal conductor for heat dissipation while maintaining rigidity and resilience when used for EMI/RFI shielding.

Zinc alloys are optimal for casting parts that require intricate details and close dimensional tolerances at high production rates. For parts requiring hardness, high durability and cosmetic finishes, zinc die casting parts are an economical solution.

Using DFM (Design for Manufacturability), the A&B Die Casting team analyzes your part to determine what features are best cast in place and what features should be machined in the part. Using this technique combined with A&B’s “unit” die system of standardized mold bases, they can help customers cast parts with tooling costs that are appropriate for volumes as low as high hundreds per year.

Our lean manufacturing systems allow us to change dies quickly and cost effectively. Machining setups are speeded by common size machining fixtures. A&B Die Casting’s value added services include engineering and design-for-manufacturing (DFM) support, prototyping, in-house machining, various decorative and protective surface finishes and mechanical assembly. All of these techniques combine to make small lot sizes and frequent deliveries possible in a die casting environment.

A&B Die Casting offers a wide range of finishing solutions for your die cast parts:

  • Glass bead blasting, Burnishing, Vibratory Deburring

  • Sanding, Polishing, Graining, Buffing

  • Silk Screening, Painting, Powder coating

  • Laser engraving, Plating, Anodizing, Ceramic Coating

Natural Cosmetics Oil

100% Recycled Aluminum and Zinc Alloys: 

  • A383.1

  • A304 K Alloy

  • Zamak 3

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