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Gordon Aluminum


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Aluminum Extrusions


Custom Aluminum Extrusions up to 10” diameter

MT Difference

Multiple presses produce thin-walled, complex, tight tolerance and formed extruded profiles.


Gordon Aluminum offers custom Aluminum Extrusions in all sizes. Multiple presses can produce some of the most complex and thinnest-walled extruded profiles in the industry. Large extrusions up to12” profile diameter. Lean manufacturing provides for short lead times. An assortment of aluminum benders allows Gordon Aluminum to perform a wide variety of bending tasks.

Extensive 5-axis machining capabilities mean reduced tooling cost and increased design flexibility. Extensive secondary operations include machining, painting, anodizing, finishing, assembly and packaging. Gordon Aluminum can make your extrusion into a complete product shipped in recyclable/returnable packaging on Kanban basis.


ISO 9001


Schofield, WI


Design Tools & Links

Aluminum Extrusions Standard Shapes Catalog [PDF]