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A&B Die Casting


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Low/Mid-Volume Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting


Tooling techniques to make die casting affordable

MT Difference

By combining high speed machining with simplified cost effective tooling, A&B makes die casting cost effective at volumes that other die casters would not consider.


A&B Die Casting uses Optimized Process Technology (OPT) to cast complex parts at volumes others would never even quote. What is OPT? OPT is A&B’s engineering staff working with your part design to smartly combine high speed machining of part features with cost effective tooling that shares common die components.

The team at A&B analyzes your part to determine what features are best cast in place and what features should be machined in the part. Using this technique combined with A&B’s “unit” die system of standardized mold bases, they can help customers cast parts with tooling costs that are appropriate for volumes as low as high hundreds per year.

A&B’s lean manufacturing systems allow us to change dies quickly and cost effectively. Machining setups are speeded by common size machining fixtures. All of these techniques combine to make small lot sizes and frequent deliveries a possible in a die casting environment.


ISO 9001


Hercules, CA


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