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Parkway Products

Thixomolded magnesium for structural lightweight parts and cosmetic enclosures


ISO 9001 | ISO 13485 | UL & FDA Registered


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Why Parkway Products?

One of only three North American thixomolding manufacturers, Parkway’s magnesium thixomolding process produces parts that are stiff, light, strong, recyclable, and inherently shielded.


Parkway Products has over 75 years in the molding business and is one of the top 100 ranked molders by Plastics News’ rankings. Parkway’s unique magnesium thixomolding process combines the best of plastic and metal. Thixomolding offers the design freedom of injection molding with the benefits of magnesium’s high material performance.

Thin-walled enclosures or super strong structural components with impact resistance are hallmarks of the magnesium thixomolding process. Due to the conductivity of magnesium, thixomolded parts have inherent shielding for EMI/RFI and solve your shielding problems without conductive paint.

Thixomolding can be a desirable design replacement for injection molded plastic, cast metal, advanced composite materials and even sheet metal fabrications. This process combines the material benefits of die casting with the manufacturing flexibility and fine detail of injection molding, allowing manufacturers to integrate the mechanical and thermal conductivity properties of magnesium as well. Secondary operations include finishing and plastic, rubber, and urethane overmolding. 

Finishes include: 

  • Conversion coating

  • Electrostatic paint

  • Anodizing pre-treatment

  • Plating

  • Powder coating

  • Wet paint

  • Dry film lubrication

Learn about Parkway Products’ plastic injection molding.

Natural Cosmetics Oil
  • Magnesium AZ91D

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