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Gordon Aluminum

Custom aluminum extrusions up to 10” diameter with extensive on-site fabrication, 5-axis machining, bending, welding, and assembly


ISO 9001 


Schofield, WI

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Why Gordon Aluminum?

Gordon Aluminum's multiple presses produce custom thin-walled, complex, tight tolerance and formed extruded profiles.


Gordon Aluminum has been manufacturing high-quality custom aluminum extrusions for over 60 years. Multiple presses produce some of the most complex and thinnest-walled extruded profiles in the industry. Gordon Aluminum specializes in custom aluminum extrusions in a variety of shapes and sizes with large extrusions up to 17” wide.

Gordon’s aluminum extrusion and fabrication facilities incorporate Lean Manufacturing principles and an ISO certified quality system to ensure efficient, high-quality product flow and short lead times. An assortment of aluminum benders allows Gordon Aluminum to perform a wide variety of bending tasks.

Gordon Aluminum’s extensive 5-axis machining capabilities mean reduced tooling cost and increased design flexibility. Gordon Aluminum can make your extrusion application into a complete product shipped in recyclable/returnable packaging on Kanban basis.

Secondary operations include:

  • Machining

  • Finishing

  • Type III hard coat anodizing

  • Type II anodizing with dye coloring

  • Powder paint

  • Polishing and brushing

  • Assembly and packaging

Natural Cosmetics Oil

Aluminum Alloys: 

  • 6061

  • 6063

  • 6005

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