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Wisconsin Precision


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Investment Casting


Low to high volume precision ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings up to 150 lbs.

MT Difference

Automated facilities utilize robotic systems for Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM).  Production quality prototypes of all alloys in 7-10 working days with no tooling required. State-of-the-art process control utilizes touch screens for manufacturing work instructions, process documentation and procedures.


Wisconsin Precision can handle all of your casting requirements, from simple to complex parts or low to high volumes. We specialize in precision ferrous and non-ferrous investment castings from two modern manufacturing plants. Fast prototype investment castings are available through 3D printed SLA patterns with no tooling required.  SLA patterns are assembled onto wax gating systems that are used for regular production and then inserted into the Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM) process resulting in production quality prototype castings.

Wisconsin Precision’s automated plants utilize robotic systems for Continuous Flow Manufacturing (CFM). Unlike traditional manufacturing, CFM is an unbroken stream of individual investment cast components flowing continuously through the plant. Orders of all sizes go from entry to shipping with no interruptions. Wisconsin Precision utilizes Guardian software which monitors and controls the investment casting process 24/7 to ensure schedules remain 100% on time.

Finishing services include heat treating, CNC milling, drilling, tapping, surface grinding, broaching, powder coat painting, and assembly. Other services include design assistance, solidification modeling simulations to ensure the highest quality castings, and JIT delivery.



ISO 9001:2008


Two Plant Facilities in:
Lake Geneva, WI
and East Troy, WI


Design Tools

Investment Casting Design Guide [PDF]

Alloy List [Link]

Investment Casting Process Comparison [PDF]