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We strive to help our customers find the best manufacturing process for their project. To get started, please provide your contact info and some general information about your project. We will contact you shortly to discuss your project in greater detail or please feel free to call one of our manufacturing specialists. 

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To find out more about how Marketing Technologies can help you find the right manufacturing process for your project, please call one of our manufacturing specialists based on your location:

California, New Mexico, or Wyoming

Joel Blake
Denver, CO
Phone: 720.446.2816
Territory: CO & CA

Jim Whitney
Longmont, CO
Phone: 303.325.5268
Territory: CO, NM, & WY

YOUR LOCATION: Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho, or Montana

David Bateman
Salt Lake City, UT
Phone: 801.648.7888
Territory: UT, AZ, NV, ID, & MT

Seeking Representation?

If you are an American manufacturer and are interested in being represented by Marketing Technologies, please call Mark McIntyre at 303-442-4222.