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NPI Medical


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Injection Molding of Medical Components    


Tight tolerance medical injection molding, liquid silicone rubber, clean rooms, assembly and tooling

MT Difference

Prototype to high volume production medical injection molding; Clean room molding and assembly of thermoplasticand LSR parts including complete packaged productswith in-house quick turn and production tooling


NPI is a leader in prototype to production plastic molding, liquid silicone rubber, assembly and tooling for medical components. Additional specialties include in in-house quick turn tooling, production tooling, class 8 clean room molding, class 7 clean room assembly/packaging and insert molding. Over 41 injection presses ranging from 28 to 300 ton capacity.

NPI's DynaClass®Tooling fills the void between prototype tooling and full-blown production: production level parts in less than 6 weeks; critical dimensions; true to form CAD geometry; option for full validation; and CTF (Critical-to-Function) inspection requirements and reports. Whether you need fully automated steel tools or aluminum inserts with hand loads, NPI has developed multiple solutions to match your programs specific requirements.  Our tools are expertly designed using the latest software, cavities, cores, and electrodes are machined using one of our high-speed machining centers. Part details that are not machinable in the steel are burned using CNC EDM machines giving you the exact part without compromising any features.

NPI's DynaClass® Tooling and Molding system offers low volume production level parts with a quick turn time:


ISO 9001:2008

ISO 13485:2003


Ansonia, CT


Design Tools & Links

NPI Medical Production Manufacturing [PDF]

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NPI Technical Paper on LSR
(Liquid Silicone Rubber)