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Ferrous Alloy Castings from Multiple Processes: Centrifugal, Continuous, Investment, and Sand


Complex ferrous and specialty castings of all sizes from 450 different alloys. Extensive in-house capabilities including 200 machining centers, heat treat, NDT, prototyping, and metallurgy guidance.

MT Difference

MetalTek’s proprietary manufacturing and tooling technologies deliver complex parts with substantially reduced post-processing costs. Patternless molding technology for startup and quick response R&D projects.


MetalTek is the industry's leader in ferrous castings using centrifugal, investment, sand, and continuous processes. MetalTek can take your metal part from design to finished component - engineered, cast, machined, fabricated, tested and delivered. MetalTek offers numerous specialized casting technologies that make reliable sourcing of high quality metal products easier and from a single source.

Centrifugal Casting: Round components of high material soundness and limited shaping. Technology of choice for jet engine compressor cases, petrochemical furnace tubes, various military products, and other high-reliability applications.

Net-shape Centrifugals: Readily added to parts with sand or ceramic split dies. Combine cost advantages of cast-in profiles with the metallurgical and structural integrity that only the centrifugal process delivers. Drive down post-processing costs while  still achieving superior performance to fabrications, forged parts, or conventional castings.

Continuous Casting: Reduces machining cost by casting in a near-net shaped profile. Large and non-traditional geometries available.

Investment Casting: Fine detail, excellent "as-cast" surface finish, internal and external features, thin walls, and internal passageways to get to a near-net shape. Significant cost savings in material, labor and machining.

Sand Casting: Versatile and cost-effective process for any quantity. MetalTek’s “Patternless Molding” technology uses a negative of the casting machined from sand to create the mold, rather than forming sand around a pattern. Result: much faster to market, easier design changes, and no need for storage or maintenance.

Post-Machining: Over 200 machining centers provide complete finish-machined components to customer specifications.

Heat Treat: MetalTek’s computer automated and controlled heat treat facilities lead the industry. In-house expertise with austenitizing, quenching, tempering, annealing, and case hardening to deliver the high-performance properties.

Certified Testing and Analysis: On-site non-destructive testing (NDT), mechanical testing, and chemical analysis for quality assurance. MetalTek facilities are ISO 17025 and Nadcap approved to serve demanding markets.

Rapid Prototyping: Quick-turn R&D castings using 3D printed patterns or patternless molding. Results in cost and time advantages, as well as design assessment of components similar in material/design properties to the final product.  

Other value-added services include:

  • Metallurgical collaboration

  • Optimal process selection

  • Conversion assistance

  • Value engineering

  • Market expertise (compliance)

  • On-site training

  • Source management

  • Performance data


ISO 9001




Waukesha, WI (HQ)

Watertown, WI

Sandusky, OH

Pevely, MO


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