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Harvey Vogel Manufacturing Co.


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Precision Metal Stampings and Fabrication


Full capability fabrication from CAD and engineering to tooling and metal stamping including assembly

MT Difference

Harvey Vogel combines proprietary tooling technology with advanced fabrication techniques to offer the most cost effective solution for your sheet metal parts from one off to high volume.


Harvey Vogel is a full capability metal stamping solution: from prototype and low volume runs, to medium volume stage tool stamping, to high volume progressive tool metal stamping. They specialize in high quality, complex, tight tolerance and appearance-oriented stampings. Harvey Vogel has over 100 metal stamping and fabrication presses (from 10 to 400 tons) offering the ultimate in quality, speed and reliability for 60+ years.

Harvey Vogel's stage tooling stamping technology is a cost saving alternative to conventional fabrication methods. Harvey Vogel builds the components of standard piercing and forming dies into their stamping presses. This minimizes tooling cost while decreasing setup time and reducing part cost. You can recover your tooling cost with the purchase of a surprisingly low number of parts.

Harvey Vogel's high speed laser and water jet cutting equipment combined with flexible CNC press brakes offer quick delivery with prototypes available in just a few days. Other offerings include CNC machining, water jet cutting, welding, mechanical assemblies, and complete secondary services. Experienced in JIT and Kanban delivery programs.



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Woodbury, MN


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