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General Foundry


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Aluminum Castings from Multiple Processes: Sand, Rubber/Plaster Mold, Permanent Mold, and Investment 


Small to large aluminum and zinc castings with affordable tooling and fast turn parts that are machined complete to print

MT Difference

General Foundry has the right process for your parts based on part size, annual volume, and tolerance requirements; Best methods for prototyping die castings and most cost-effective methods for low to medium volumes


General Foundry Service provides a comprehensive range of prototyping, pre-production, and short-run production services. Aluminum and Zinc castings from the Rubber/Plaster Mold (R/PM) process offer a combination of low cost tooling, short lead times, and excellent casting detail. R/PM castings are excellent for die casting prototypes and low to medium volume production. Precision aluminum sand castings offer good surface finish, design flexibility, and economical tooling for larger parts. No-Bake (Airset) sand casting is a good option for producing larger castings up to 64” x 64” x 18” in size and ranging from 40 to 225 pounds. Permanent Mold castings are an economical alternative to die castings for low to medium volume production.

General Foundry has years of experience in making patterns to exacting tolerances in wood, plastic, or metal. They can create patterns in plastic or metal, using your CAD generated data through CNC machining or StereoLithography. General Foundry helps customers select the most economical way to produce the highest quality process within the desired delivery schedule.