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FM Corporation


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Structural Foam & Gas Assisted Molding   


Structural plastics for cosmetic enclosures and internal parts

MT Difference

Low-pressure, low-stress molding for parts up to 150 lbs. and 10 feet with in-house finishing and decoration


With over 35 years of experience, FM is a leader in the structural foam industry. The structural foam process is a form of injection molding that offers an affordable way to gain high strength and rigidity as a structural molded part. Structural parts have a porous foam core sandwiched between two solid outer layers, which make them ideal for enclosures and structural internal parts. Structural foam plastics offer improved stiffness-to-weight ratio; manufacturing efficiency; longer tool life; sound dampening characteristics; superior appearance; and greater mechanical strength.

FM offers several low-pressure, low-stress structural molding processes in a range of resins, from inexpensive polyethylene to specialty engineering grade resins. Complete in-house finishing and assembly with painting and shielding.


ISO 9001



Rogers, AR


Design Tools & Links

Structural Foam Design & Processing Guide by GE  [PDF]