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Zinc Castings from Graphite Permanent Molds


Low to mid-volume zinc castings

MT Difference

Die cast surface finish from low cost tooling; Excellent tolerances and low part cost


Zinc castings from graphite tooling offer a unique combination of fast, low cost tooling, low part price, and precision tolerances. Graphite castings are an excellent alternative for low to mid-volume zinc die castings. The permanent graphite mold/ZA-12 casting process is an economical alternative to CNC machining, die casting, sand casting, and investment casting.

Castechnologies' engineering staff works with customers from product concept, to design, to qualification, to production. Custom casting equipment has been designed and built in-house utilizing a broad knowledge of the Graphite Permanent Mold process and today's technologies to maximize the process' strengths.

Castechnologies offers complete machining and finishing services.


Attleboro, MA


Design Tools & Links

Article on the Graphite Casting Process [PDF]